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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Card of Thanks

Grandma Hub


Thank you to Washington Middle School 7th grade students, Mrs. Neilson, Mr. Yerger, Mr. Phipps and others for a terrific job you did raking my yard. It looks great!

Don Evans


A special thank you to the West Glendive Fire Department for their quick response in helping put out our two fires. Thanks also to our neighbors and friends who were there to help.

Lea Ringen

On behalf of the Council of Catholic Women, we sincerely thank the community for their support of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church Fall Dinner again this year.

Dee Hall

I would like to thank everyone who came to my retirement party, all the cards, gifts and Facebook posts. 

Frankie Paslay

Thank you to my sons and their wives; Greg and Karma, Dale and Lesa Boehning for the lovely 80th birthday party. Also Ryelle for her help and everyone who came. Love, mom and grandma.


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