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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Americans have a right to pick and choose


I’m responding to the “This and That” article of 2/15/18 by Avis Anderson in which she states, “No one has the right to tell someone they are not welcome in this country, America is not something we possess, and that America is an idea”. 

These are all falsehoods. We as citizens of America have the right and responsibility to pick and choose who we allow into our country. The citizens of the United States do possess America and it is not an “idea” but a real sovereign country with borders. Without our borders and rules of immigration, we abandon our traditions and our “Founding Father’s” vision for this country. We become just like the rest of the world and lose our uniqueness. Have you noticed that everyone wants to come here but few Americans want to leave. Shouldn’t that tell us something? 

Anderson quotes an English poet, in defending her position, but I’d like to quote an American economist, Milton Friedman, who said “a country cannot survive with open borders and a welfare state” because the poor and uneducated immigrants and refugees will quickly latch onto our “social services” as an entitlement. Adding to all of this is the illegal alien invasion with the criminal element being free to commit crimes with no fear of being permanently deported as was the case with Kate Steinle who was killed by an illegal alien that was sheltered by the “Sanctuary City” of San Francisco. Avis Anderson, like most Progressives or Liberals, has these “Utopian” ideas and theories that have no practical applications. Remember, her immigrant ancestors and mine came to this country before we created the “welfare state” which now acts like a magnet to the poor and illiterate of the world. We need to change with the times and have “merit based” legal immigration, stop the Immigration visa ”lottery” and “chain migration” nonsense, and deport criminal illegal aliens. We owe this to the future citizens of our country.

Patrick Prescott

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