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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Arntzen will fight to keep education decisions local

Dear editor,

In 2004, billionaire Bill Gates signed a “cooperation agreement” with UNESCO to work with them in forming GLOBAL EDUCATION, based on the idea that children would study towards the same standards worldwide.  UNESCO along with other United Nations outfits,  with connections to Agenda 21, plot to impose a World Core Curriculum on all humanity.   In 2005, the UNESCO director, Koichiro Marsuura spoke of a “worldwide curricula reflecting UNESCO values.”

At about this time a group of educators had begun researching more successful means of educating youngsters.  But they needed money .

They were discovered by Bill Gates.  Here was a seemingly feasible and legitimate base through which to invest in his agreement for global education and worldwide standards.  Since 2008 Gates has invested 3.4 billion dollars into what became Common Core.

The federal government stepped in. Just what the liberals needed!  An important goal of Socialism is to control education.  Forty-five states were lured with promises of federal money if they would implement Common Core in their schools before the much touted “standards” had even been written.  Since then 31 states have opted out of Common Core as they face increasing costs, complaints from teachers and parents concerning both methods and matter being taught, and few indications of rising test scores. 

Elsie Arntzen is accused of being against public education because she voted NO on a funding bill.  She is not against public funding.  She is against the increasing and unconstitutional control of education by our federal government. She will fight to afford our children a quality education controlled by state and local boards; those who know what is best for all our children, a quality education unencumbered by the global goals of Common Core.


Ruth Bacon



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