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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Don't fall for Arntzen's scare tactics


Elsie Arntzen wants to be the Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Her website provides a look at a candidate who feels that local control in Montana is being usurped by “bureaucrats” in D.C. and in Helena.

Since 1958 I’ve served on boards, I’ve taught for boards, and I’ve carefully watched local school boards in three states – very carefully.  Believe me there are no local school boards losing control to “bureaucrats” or other “powerful (but unnamed) special interests.” 

Those citizens who step forward and put themselves on the ballot to sacrifice 100’s of hours for local schools do so because they by God intend to control things. 

She describes an “…out of touch curriculum D.C. bureaucrats try to force on our students….”

I don’t know where Ms. Arntzen gets such an idea but she is wrong.

We heard the same scare tactic from???  lobbyist for home schoolers when she spoke in Glendive.

Arntzen is trying to create the spectre of an “other” we should fear so we’ll vote for her.

Vote for Melissa Romano who says the opposite of Arntzen:

1.    local control is not threatened,

2.    we should not give away tax dollars voted for local schools,

3.    today’s kids need early education,

4.    sometimes a kid is still trying to earn a high school diploma at age 19

5.     local control is in control.

Rose Marie Aus

Dawson County

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