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Friday, March 16, 2018

Enforce the city codes as written



Let me first of all thank Mayor Jerry Jimison for bringing to the council ordinance committee the issue of enforcement of ordinances this is one of your duties as a councilperson this is the preamble to the codes: The City of Glendive codes and ordinances were enacted by the City Council to maintain a healthy, safe and clean environment, and preserve the quality of life in the City. Code enforcement requires the cooperation of residents and businesses as well as all city departments to be efficient and effective.

Where in here can you find it said we will enforce what we feel we need to? Nowhere so let’s start doing your job and enforce the codes as written. Let’s get Glendive looking like the city we all know it can be. We are tired of all the excuses get to work now. No more studying the issue there is nothing to study it’s all in the ordinances in black and white. 

Thank you in advance for doing the job you were elected to do.


Jerry Geiger


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