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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Event was great, except for rude spectator


I think I have settled down enough to write this and post it.

I don’t know how many teams came to Glendive, yesterday for the youth basketball tournament, but they had games going in five different gyms ... that I know of ... with two games going on at the same time on each side of the court. They started out at 8 a.m. Saturday morning and ended for our team at 8 p.m. Sunday night.

It is a wonderful organization for area children from Dickinson, N.D. to Miles City. The kids love it. Parents and grandparents fill the gyms and it is fun.

I have been to several of these tournaments, but I witnessed something yesterday I have never seen before.

We were in a gym where you could stand on a balcony and watch the action.

We stood there because it was hard to see the whole floor from the seats.

Also standing there was a (Miles City) father who was loudly harassing the referees.

And I mean harassing; he was screaming and picking on them horribly “...can’t you see ... why didn’t you call a foul on that ... that kid was traveling ... what is the matter with you? you haven’t blown your whistle once on the other team!” It was very uncomfortable for everyone, including the kids.

Several spectators moved away from him and stood by us. Everyone was very quiet except for this lunatic. I finally said (loudly) to the jerk (as in knock it off), “HEY!!” Everyone was very quiet. The referee stopped the game and told the fan-atical parent: “You can cheer for your team and your child, but that is it. If you don’t do that we will call a technical on your team.” The referee got a clapping ovation from the crowd. The guy quit!

Several people around us said he does it all the time and no one ever says anything to him about it

After the game, I went up to him and tapped him on the shoulder, I looked up - he is huge - and I said, “You are rude!” and as I walked away I heard him laugh and he said to everyone around him... “she just told me I was rude!” I didn’t hear what the others said, but maybe, just one of them agreed with me! Maybe they will shut him up next time.

(Side note...My grandson who was playing at the time told me he heard me when I said, “HEY!” I bet he did. That is what I say when I don’t approve of something my grandchildren are doing.)

Carol Tescher Obrigewitch

Sentinel Butte, N.D.

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