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Sunday, March 18, 2018

If Hillary is elected, we're doomed

Dear Editor,

If your worst fear is Donald Trump’s dirty language and sexual references, you need to consider this.

Hillary Clinton said, if elected, she supports open borders and an open hemisphere. This will allow millions of heinous criminals, violent gangs, Drug cartels and terrorists to enter the US and meld into society, undetected. Imagine what will happen to women at the hands of these violent predators. Who will protect them and you?

It is no accident that whenever damaging information surfaces on Clinton corruption and Hillary, vile sexual improprieties are aimed at Trump. This has been the way of the Democratic party for many, many years.

Hillary and her advisors have attempted to discredit and disgrace Evangelicals and Catholics for their Christian belief. This is proof beyond a doubt, Hillary has nothing but utter contempt and hatred for all Americans. Her deplorable basket runneth over.

Her support of late term abortion, which maims and murders innocent, unborn babies confirms her total disreguard for humanity. She is the epitomy of evil.

I implore you, if you care at all about the United States, our freedom and our most vunerable citizens, vote the ISSUES, not the candidate. This may be our last chance to save ourselves and the country we love. If Hillary is elected, we are doomed!


Marian Keller


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