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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

With Land Board seat in play, vote Laslovich for State Auditor

Dear editor, 

Montana’s Land Board makes decisions regarding access to public lands, fishing access sites and land trades. In order for these decisions to benefit hunters, we need land board members who will help decrease the amount of inaccessible state trust lands, and be an honest broker during heated discussions. 

Jesse Laslovich has not only the temper, but the background to help ensure that Montana’s wildly popular and successful land banking program, which has opened up over 60,000 acres to public hunting in the last few years alone, will continue to work for landowners and sportsmen & women alike. His votes during his time in the legislature supported access to public lands, and he’s steadfastly opposed the unconstitutional and poorly thought out idea of seizing and selling our public lands. 

His opponent, Matt Rosendale, has a track record as well. Rosendale has displayed an inconsistency in voting on matters affecting sportsmen that make him unfit for a spot on Montana’s Land Board. In 2013 he voted in favor of SB 237, No Net Gain of State Lands. In 2014 Rosendale advocated for transferring 25 million acres of federal land over to the state. One year he states, by way of voting, the State of Montana cannot afford to manage an additional acre and a year later changes his tune and decides that taxpayers can afford to manage an additional 25 million acres.  He’s voted consistently against hunters & anglers, while working behind the scenes to eliminate funding for the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks access programs.  

Montana doesn’t need ideologues who tilt at unconstitutional windmills on the Land Board who put the sale and unmitigated development of our hunting lands ahead of the desires of the people of Montana. What we need is someone who will responsibly develop our resources while ensuring that the people of Montana have a seat at the table when it comes to land management issues. Jesse Laslovich is the only person in the race for State Auditor who will bring that balance.


Justin Schaaf

Fort Peck

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