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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Laslovich the only choice for state

Dear editor,

“Jesse Laslovich is better qualified for the job of Montana State Auditor than anyone we can remember running.” (Billings Gazette Oct. 18, 2016).

Jesse Laslovich has been a strong advocate for consumers. During the last seven years, while working in the Auditor’s office, Jesse has held all types of insurance companies accountable. He has led the fight against air ambulance companies who have been overcharging families in need of the services. Jesse has successfully helped secure millions of dollars for fraud victims.

During his six years in the legislature Matt Rosendale, his opponent, has voted along party lines and has done very little for consumers and ordinary citizens of Eastern Montana.

As a member of the Land Board, Jesse understands the importance of keeping public lands public. His opponent, Matt, advocates transferring federal public land to the state.

Clearly Jesse Laslovich is the most qualified candidate for State Auditor. Jesse is a native Montanan with Montana values who will take care of us. He has my vote.

Sue Peterson


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