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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Romano ready to take over at OPI

Dear Editor,

I support Melissa Romano, candidate for superintendent of public instruction.

Romano is a strong advocate for public education. She champions the idea of local control of schools and the importance of early childhood education. Romano, a National Science award winner has helped write Montana math and science curriculum, and has worked in the classroom to help students achieve those standards. She is committed to keeping Montana’s public schools public and understands the importance of investing in our schools and our kids.

Her opponent Arntzen would privatize our public schools at taxpayer and educational expense. During her 12 years as a Legislator, Arntzen has voted against school funding (HB 1 SB 1, 2015); for privatizing public schools (HB 322, SB 410, HB 596, 2015, HB 213, SB 81, 2013); and voted for a bill to sell public lands (HB 496, 2015).

We are fortunate to have a qualified candidate on the ballot. Vote Melissa Romano.

Annie Begger


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