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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Rosendale deserves kudos for focus on energy policy

Dear Editor,

I read the Billings Gazette’s feature of recently announced U.S. Senate candidate Matt Rosendale last week and I would like to commend Rosendale for making energy development a top priority for his campaign.

In the article, Rosendale said “You can’t go into a state that has all this timber and all this valuable product locked in the ground and ignore it and think that the economic situation is going to improve for folks.”

Mr. Rosendale is absolutely right. For too long, politicians have caved to the anti-energy agenda of the radical environmentalists. Many of our communities, especially rural communities, depend resource development for their jobs and economic livelihood. The anti-energy policies and regulations supported by the last administration have decimated these areas in recent years.

The reality is, Washington insiders simply don’t understand that Montana isn’t California; our economy depends on natural resources, whether it be timber, coal, oil, mining or others. We need someone representing us in the U.S. Senate like Matt Rosendale, who understands the important of resource development and will fight for our state’s interests. I’m glad to see Matt threw his hat in the ring.


Rick Sukolov



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