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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Thanks for nothing, enviro groups

Dear editor,

Is all climate change anthropogenic climate change? No. Anthropogenic climate change is just one tenth of one percent of climate change.  Thank you, Sierra Club, Montana Environmental Center (MEC), and similar organizations for your extraordinarily hard work in trying to eradicate this one tenth of one percent.  Your lawsuits against the natural resource industries have been quite successful. These success are vividly evident in decreasing tax revenues from the natural resource industries…down 55% ($151 Million) since 2013.

It doesn’t end there! Jobs have followed the same downward spiral. Since 2013, $290 Million in direct wages, and the tax revenues associated with them, have also been lost. Again, we owe thanks to the Sierra Club and the rest of the group for these “greater good” accomplishments.

Our state now faces a budget shortfall due to decreasing tax revenues.  This shortfall is about $250 for every man, woman, and child. You just put four new tires on the car, bought new school clothes and school supplies for your two children, and now the Governor wants $1000 from you to cover the “greater good accomplishments” mentioned above.

Rather than raising taxes, let’s ask our Attorney General, Tim Fox, to request the Sierra Club, the MEC, and similar organizations stand up and be held accountable.  Perhaps the best way to say thanks to the Sierra Club, the MEC, and the others is simply  by writing Tim and asking him to hold these organizations accountable. Let’s say thanks loud and clear.


TJ Smith


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