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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Thanks to those who aided mayor photo project

Dear editor,

To give credit where credit is due:  Marie MacDonald in her book of Glendive, has a list of all the mayors who had served in Glendive to the date of her publication (Phil Auble, mayor).  In 1985, Mayor Les Oellerman began collecting pictures of all the men who had served as mayor in Glendive since the town was incorporated in 1902 (Harley Miskimin, first mayor (1902-1903, 1907-1909).  He asked Mayor Jerry Jimison to continue the project.  With the recent discovery of a picture of Dr. C.E. Dove (Mayor 1917-1919) the collection is complete and all pictures are on display in the council room in City Hall.  

Thanks are due to the family of John Holm (1945-47) with help from Connie Undem; to Tom Roe and his Kalberg family connection to Joseph Holling (1941-1945); to the family of Andrew Rockne (1937-41); to Sandy Stinnet through the Masons for Dr. Baker (1915-1917); to the Frontier Gateway Museum for research and photos of David R. Mead (1905-07) and Harley Miskimen among others; photos of Dr. J. H. Strowd (1927-1929), Ray Lowe (1919) and Thomas F. Hagan (1909-1915) were found in Our Times, Our Lives; to the Elks and Bob Stanhope for offers of help; to Vicky Crane at Picture That for matting and framing; to the crew at BOSS for assisting with enlargements and copies of photos; to Darci and Jessica for lots of support.  It really does take a community!

The internet proved its worth with two photos, one found in the archives of the Montana State Historical Society, Montana Department of Transportation collection (Mayor Bill Martin 1919-1923,1929-1935) and the other in the National Archives in Washington, D.C., American Osteopathic Association special collection (C.E. Dove).

Thanks to Mayor Jimison for his encouragement. It was great fun and a good project to see completed.


Avis R. Anderson


Glendive City Council


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