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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Lost and Found/Pets and Supplies/Livestock/Farm Equipment


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BULLS FOR SALE PRIVATE  Treaty, Black and Red Angus, purebred commercial bull, black sired by Ten X and Basin Excitement, Red sired by Suth Victory 24A. Bulls can be seen at the Ranch at Intake Montana. Select now and we will fed until May 1st. Contact Jack Tunnell. 406-687-3466 or 406-939-4436. 2/1c4/29

FOR SALE: REGISTERED yearling black angus bulls. This year’s bulls for sale (private treaty) include the following bloodlines - Bullseye, Pine View Expression, Connealy Black Granite, Hoover Dam and PA Full Power. Center future conversation on cattle genetices. Prices asked for these bulls are reasonable and could trade bull(s) for feed. Contact Terry Week at 701-872-1104 or 701-876-9288. 1/25p2/18

FOR SALE PRIVATE TREATY performance tested, light birth weight black angus bulls. Contact Rodney Sturgis 406-687-3778. Savage MT 59262. 1/25c




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