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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Kyle Vuille photoKyle Vuille photo

Creative kids film 'Survivor Glendive' (slideshow 2)

By Kyle Vuille

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

Everyone has seen or at least heard of the hit show, “Survivor” that has aired on television for a better part of 17 years.

Well, Glendive’s own Darby Titus, who is only 15 years old, has created his own localized version of the show.

“I’m a superfan of the show,” Titus said. “Since I was about ten or eleven, I’d see the ads on T.V. on CBS because my family watches a lot of football and CBS streams both.”

According to Titus, “Survivor Glendive” started with a group of 12 friends around the middle of this past May.

Titus successfully finished his first season at Whipkey Park and wrapped up the last episode of season two this past Wednesday at the Titus’ residence.

The first season started with 12 contestants who were broken up into two teams and once enough team members were voted out, the two teams formed as one. As the final contestants got the boot, they were then jury members who decided the winner when it came down to the last two standing. Season two involved 14 people so the teams were a tad bigger.

Every weekend, unless otherwise scheduled, Titus and the contestants use a different location to film their episodes of Survivor Glendive. The set up is just like the show where contestants compete in physically and mentally rigorous tasks and if victorious, are given immunity from being voted off the “island.” Titus comes up with challenges loosely based off the show that can range from climbing obstacles, puzzles and also incorporating items like tennis balls and slingshots in the mix.

According to Titus, the contestant’s ages have ranged from ten to sixteen years old in the past two seasons, but plans to have older people on the seasons to come. Players on the show give actual testimonials on camera just like the television show as well.

Titus said his love for the show mashed with his passion of filming and animation were the main inspirations for his show. He plans to attend film school after graduating.

“It was never our intention, but I got my friends and people in our town who are glued to their phones to go out and have fun,” Titus said.

Titus plans to continue the show and even has chosen Makoshika State Park as his next filming location.

Titus said his mind looks to the future like playing a game of chess where he looks at the multiple moves he can make before he does anything.

He did say next season at Makoshika will bring back the 14 best people from the previous two seasons to film Survivor Glendive All Stars.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the winner of season two was Darby’s younger brother, Conner Titus.

Conner and the other three remaining contestants on Wednesday were all 6th graders at Washington Middle School.

The first challenge on Wednesday was a short sprint to a wooden puzzle.

11 year old Ethan Cross had the fastest time and was granted immunity.

The first round of votes were cast which ended with a two to two vote tie.

The challengers then blindly drew rocks to decide their fate. Pulling a black rock means you are out of the game. Aiden Zody drew the dreaded black rock leaving Conner, Cross and Taden Sokoloski left.

The contestants then faced their final endurance challenge before their fate was decided by the jury with Conner coming out victorious.

Thursday afternoon, Conner said he was pretty sure everyone in the jury of seven people voted for him except for two jury members and he enjoys being in the game. This was Conner’s second time in the game.

“When he (Darby) started it without the Youtube stuff, it was just a fun game,” Conner said. “Now it’s on Youtube and there’s a lot of people I don’t know.”

Conner also mentioned it brings him and his friends together, friends he doesn’t normally see outside of school, and they are outside more than they usually would be. 

The show’s channel now has 675 videos and 867 subscribers and kids and parents alike can’t get enough.

Kara Barthel, a teacher at Jefferson Elementary School, has had two of her children, Konley and Keston, on the show since the beginning.

“We love it, the kids love it and it’s such a positive activity,” Barthel said. “I’m a first grade teacher so I love structured activities and Darby’s doing a great job organizing.”

Barthel said she appreciates Darby including everyone no matter what age or if they have been voted out or not. She gave an example of when the kids are voted out, Darby will ask them to film or help set up the challenges  as an assistant.

“It just gives the kids a chance to go outside and play,” Barthel said.

Catch up with the show by typing in Survivor Glendive on Youtube. 

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