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Saturday, January 20, 2018

DCC board filing deadline is March 27

By Jason Stuart
Ranger-Review Staff Writer

Dawson Community College now has two positions coming open for its board of trustees.

The terms of current board chairman Jim Squires and trustee Deb Linn are expiring.

Squires announced last month that he did not intend to run again. And at Monday night’s DCC board meeting, Linn likewise announced she would not be seeking another term.

“After much careful thought and consideration, I am not going to run for re-election this term,” Linn said. “I appreciate the opportunity and it has been very fulfilling.”

DCC trustees serve three-year terms. The election for DCC trustees will be held in conjunction with the other Glendive schools election on Tuesday, May 6. 

The filing deadline is March 27. Anyone wishing to run for DCC trustee can contact DCC president Michael Simon for a nominating petition.

One thing that won’t be on the May 6 ballot is any special mill levy for DCC.

After discussion, the board decided that it would be inappropriate and premature to ask voters to approve a special mill levy for DCC this year. 

“I think the board should be very cautious about running a special mill levy this year,” said trustee Don Kettner. “We’ve had a tough year.”

Simon said that “until we’ve had a chance to crunch through the data,” it would be hard to know whether DCC needed any additional public support.

Trustee Chad Knudson asked if “anybody has examined the mandatory mill levy” to ensure DCC was getting the correct amount of levy funding currently available to it. Simon responded that he “didn’t have a clear answer for that.”

Simon did remark that if trustees were concerned about adequate funding for the college in the short term, one area they could take a look at is raising tuition and fees, which he noted were the lowest in the state.

“That’s the lever that’s easiest for you to pull for this fiscal year,” Simon said about the possibility of raising tuition to increase revenue.


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