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Saturday, March 24, 2018

A home on Pine Street in Forest Park succumbed to fire Friday night. Four occupants were in the home at the time of the fire and everyone escaped without injury.

Forest Park home is destroyed by fire

By Ranger-Review staff

A Forest Park home was lost to fire Friday night.

The home is a total loss, and the cause of the fire, while still under investigation, was likely a space heater in an upstairs bedroom.

Four occupants were in the home located at 302 Pine Street at the time of the fire, according to West Glendive Fire Chief Richie Crisafulli. The children, one in his teens and one in his 20s, woke their parents to alert them to the fire.

The West Glendive Fire Department was paged to the fire shortly after 11 p.m. Friday night. Ten firefighters responded with two fire engines and two water tenders. The home was engulfed in flames when the firefighters arrived. The firefighters shuttled water with the two water tenders and hooked a hose to one of the West Glendive Fire hydrants.

The Glendive Ambulance and three EMTs were also on scene as part of an agreement with the WGFD and the city. In June the Glendive City Council approved a mutual aid agreement between the ambulance service and the WGFD to dispatch an ambulance when the fire department is fighting a structure fire. This was one of the first  times the mutual agreement came into play.

There were no injuries reported at the fire.

Crisafulli said the house is a total loss with extensive fire damage to the main floor and severe water damage to the basement. None of the outbuildings on the property were damaged by the fire.

Firefighters cleared the scene around 4 a.m. leaving behind one firefighter and one sheriff’s deputy on scene until the state fire marshal could be contacted.

Crisafulli reminded local residents that a fire situation is dangerous and it is in everyone’s best interest to stay clear of the scene.

“There were a lot of people driving around the fire scene and we even had one driver run over a hose that was connected to a hydrant and our engine,” Crisafulli said. That individual was ticketed by law enforcement.

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