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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Local woman honored for service to 4-H clubs

At the Montana state 4-H Leadership Forum held last weekend on the campus of Dawson Community College, a local 4-H leader was recognized for her years of service to the organization. 

Connie Undem has been volunteering with Dawson County 4-H for 45 years. In those years, Undem has been a mentor to both youth and adults with her steady demeanor, encouraging words, sound advice and good intentions. When one in Dawson County thinks of 4-H, they can’t help but think of Undem because she is such an integral part of the whole program.

Undem steps in wherever she can, runs the Dawson County fair food booth, helps cook for 4-H events and helps sell 4-H fruit. She has helped many students with their projects including cooking, sewing, and crafting. She has helped with a district Leader Forum, and is currently serving in her fifth year as a County Council Secretary. She also serves on the Council Dress Revue Committee. 

In addition to these activities, Undem is also part of the local Moose organization. She cooks for many events which happen there throughout the year. She is also always donating to other worthy causes. Whether it be 4-H, scouts, baseball, softball, school causes, or kid’s trips, Undem is always the first to buy the raffle ticket, popcorn, pizza or candy to help the kids with their event. 

The Montana 4-H Center for Youth Development recognizes individuals from each 4-H District in two award categories.  The Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer recognizes individuals who have served as 4-H volunteers for 10 years or more. The Volunteer of the Year recognizes individuals who have served as 4-H volunteers for less than 10 years. These individuals have made an innovative change or impact on the 4-H program, positively affecting the lives of youth, and creating a standard of excellence that helps motivate others.  

Recipients received a cash award for a 4-H program, activity or event of their choice. Undem gave hers to the Dawson County 4-H Scholarship fund.

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