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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Jason Stuart photo

Skate park ready to roll ahead of schedule

By Jason Stuart

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

The Brett Fitch Memorial Skate Park is all but finished.

Contractor Dreamland Skate Parks was putting the finishing touches on the park on Thursday as the Fitch Foundation board and Glendive Mayor Jerry Jimison took a final walkthrough. 

Dreamland said they expected to finish up final details on Friday and be ready to leave town by Saturday morning.

Some Dreamland employees pulled out their skateboards and provided their visitors with a brief skating demonstration on the park’s features.

After seeing skaters use the park for the first time, Fitch Foundation president Brenda Rose said it was a gratifying moment.

“It’s very emotional for me, very emotional,” she said. “It’s been a long time coming and we’re so excited. It’s awesome to see what we’ve done. Four girls on a board have done a pretty good job of putting in a skate park.”

The Fitch Foundation has been working to build the skate park since 2008, picking up where Rose’s son, Brett Fitch, left off. 

Fitch was an avid skater who had been going door-to-door raising money for a skate park before losing his life in a car accident on Christmas Eve 2007.

Foundation vice president Karen Ballentine shared Rose’s elation at seeing the skate park Brett Fitch had dreamed of become a reality.

“Standing here seeing what’s been accomplished is one of the best feelings in the world,” Ballentine said.

Rose said the foundation is still about $4,000 short of the total needed to finish paying for the park’s construction, though that figure doesn’t include funding for the final touch.

“That $4,000 doesn’t include any landscaping,” Rose said. “So anyone who’s willing to donate any trees, shrubs, landscaping materials or labor, that would be greatly appreciated.”

The board must also get signs with the park’s rules ordered and posted.

Though the park is now skateable, skateboarders will have to wait a little while longer to use the facility. The City of Glendive, which will take ownership of the park, must first get the city’s insurance carrier to cover the park on the city’s policy.

The grand opening event for the skate park has been set for Saturday, August 16. 

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