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Sunday, March 18, 2018

NFL players are justified in their protest

Dear Editor,  

I am responding to the letter, 10-29-17, from Fay Dearregarding the NFL.  Ms. Dear, do you have a black child?  Have you been walking at the mall with your black daughter, when you enter a store in said mall and someone immediately tails your daughter because she might take something?  I am white so they did not realize that I was tailing them as well and when confronted the clerk responded that management had warned them that people of color were likely to shop lift.  Only the protest of this treatment can stop this RACISM.  Has your black Grandson been stopped because he was driving a nice car in a wealthy white neighborhood?  Has he been frisked and called in for wants and warrants because in Montana black boys are automatically suspect?  Does it matter that he was staying at our house in said neighborhood while attending the University of MT?  I praise the NFL for their protests! They are not disrespecting the “holy anthem” but trying to get all you narrow minded, out of touch white people to notice the racist behavior of some, not all, law enforcement.  Our soldiers side with the NFL protest but elderly white ladies in small Montana towns?  Not so much.  Go Broncos!


Cheryl Sage

Florence, Mont.

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