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Friday, January 19, 2018

Law enforcement officials should embrace Marsy's Law

Dear Editor,

Sheriff Canen, Chief Mitchell, Attorney Irigoin, if you were the victim or your wife, child, parent or someone near and dear to you were the victim; then would it be worth your time and extra paperwork to keep them informed? Or would you just say, forget it, it’s not worth my effort and I’m too busy?

Instead of saying GREAT, Marsy’s Law has been struck down and that makes life easier for ME; why don’t all of you in law enforcement work hard together to re-write the law into a form that will benefit victims and address the issue law enforcement has with it?

There was a reason WE MONTANANS voted FOR the Law. It’s a SLAP IN THE FACE for you to say, “I don’t care what the people want”. (We do pay your salary) I don’t care about victims rights. I’m just glad I have less work to do.



Rita Berube


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