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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Don't rush to judgement on sexual harrassment claims

Dear editor,

There are several things I hold to be true. You can’t believe everything you see or hear, a person is assumed innocent until proven guilty, and sexual harassment and abuse are so traumatic women can’t live with the pain, guilt and shame, and almost always tell someone. Women need a voice to express their fear.

Almost all women are subjected to harassment. I’ve endured unwanted touching, filthy language and jokes, sexual innuendos and propositions. The worse abuse however was at the hands of a woman, who called me every gender specific vile, filthy name she could think of, for no apparent reason. After I reported the assault, I was blamed, even though there was a witness present.

To believe every accusation made by any woman without viable proof is very dangerous. Not everyone tells the truth, and if the allegations are thirty or forty years old there is no way to coborrate the charges. Like a nude selfie on social media, once the allegation is out there, there is no taking it back.

Sexual harassment and abuse should be tried in a court of law with absolute proof of guilt before conviction, not in a court of public opinion by self appointed moral judges who rush to conviction without the facts. False charges destroy lives, families, integrity and careers. If found innocent a man can do nothing to repair the damage done.

I don’t and never will condone the abuse of power by anyone who over steps their boundaries to intimidate and threaten. I do however, take issue with the reliability of charges made after forty years of silence. Especially if made just before an important election that could change history, and is only meant to destroy the political advantage of a candidate and cause harm to a persons reputation. If the allegations are admitted, thats a different story.



Marian Keller


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