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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Kool Kids to close permanently

By Katelyn Texeira

Ranger-Review student intern

After Glendive’s well-known and long-standing Kool Kids Daycare faced closure due to lack of certified staff in July 2017, it has been recently confirmed that they are in the process of permanent closing.

After a great attempt, Kool Kids Daycare still did not receive any applicants for primary caregivers.

Cindy Gabbert, the board president of Kool Kids, said when faced with closure, the first thing she did was send notices to all parents.

Because Kool Kids is a non-profit organization, the closing process is regulated by the Montana Secretary of State’s office.

The organization will have to wait until what is called a “reimbursable unemployment.”

After Gabbert spoke with the Secretary of State’s office, it was explained that there is a sequence of events that have to happen for a non-profit to dissolve. Once Kool Kids meet all of their liabilities, they will follow through with proper steps to close entirely.

Colleen Latham, annual reports technician at the Secretary of State’s office, broke down the sequence of events that are required for a non-profit organization to dissolve. 

The first thing they need to do is obtain a Title 15 Tax Certificate from the Montana Department of Revenue which will make sure all taxes are paid. That document is uploaded with the articles of dissolution as part of the process of dissolving. 

All documents are processed online. Those articles including the certificate go directly to the Secretary of State for review, and once fully reviewed, there is a notification sent by email that the business is approved to then fully dissolve, Latham said.

The board of directors are still active until the organization is fully dissolved, Kool Kids is expected to be fully dissolved around February 2019.

According to Gabbert, if there is money left over after completing the steps to dissolve, Kool Kids is required to go through the Department of Justice to disperse any left over money based on the dissolution documents and the organization’s bylaws. Kool Kids has a list of 123 non-profits in Glendive and Dawson County that may be eligible to receive funds. The Department of Justice has specific standards regarding which entities will be obtaining the money.

As for the liquidation process, Gabbert said Kool Kids held a major sale where items were offered to other daycares in the area. They went as far as Sidney, Fairview and Baker and were able to sell a good amount of items. After that, they did a handful of garage sales. 

The last liquidation sale took place on Feb. 10, and anything that failed to sell is to be donated, Gabbert said.

Kool Kids did own the building and currently have a sale pending on it according to Gabbert. Gabbert says that most of the past employees are already employed at other daycares, most of them have continued their work in the childcare field.

Kool Kids Childcare was a non-profit organization that was planted far back in Glendive’s roots, as it originally opened in 1991.

Gabbert said that Kool Kids will not open in the future as a daycare or organization.

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