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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The family of Karlene Burbach & Don Blankenship

Thank you – How do you say it to so many? We in Glendive are so blessed to have the beautiful people – inside and outside, and have so much caring in them that care for us when we are in need – the ladies and doctors in the E.R. and the ambulance people are the best in the world – in my eyes, they care for the patient and the family. There are no words that fit when we have to face the loss of family, but the caring of these people is so great. It does help. I am so proud of these people and just don’t know how to say it big enough – bold print would not work. 

Also family and friends that stand with us at time like this are special too – so thank you is the best I can do.

The family of 

Karlene Burbach 

& Don Blankenship

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