‘Common good’ is a socialist line

Thursday, June 11, 2020

‘Common good’ is a socialist line

Dear Editor:

I’m responding to the 6/4/20 “From Where I Sit” article by Avis Anderson in which she states that great thinkers for centuries have talked about a world where all people could work together for the common good. It sounds like a nice sentiment but like all liberal/progressive bromides it doesn’t stand the test of rational thought. Who gets to choose what the “common good” is? Does Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, or Chuck Schumer get to make the call where we all pull toward their chosen goal? This “common good” statement is a socialist line that is given out by politicians to the masses of nonthinking, uneducated voters who are promised a utopian existence that never materializes. Look where 95% of all the riots and looting are taking place lately….in blue Democratic controlled states and cities. Some of these cities have been controlled by Democrats for 50 years so why haven’t they cured the problems that plague these places? As for me, I’ll put my fortunes in that great thinker, Ronald Reagan, whose idea was an America where the best opportunities, in the world, are available. He called his idea “rugged individualism” where, as individuals, we are responsible for our welfare and, as individuals, we are free to choose what our goals are for ourselves and our families. America’s founders knew this when they gave us the Bill of Rights in our Constitution and the Ayn Rand novel “Atlas Shrugged” and her movie “The Fountainhead”, starring Gary Cooper, are great examples of this individual freedom available to us. We are so blessed to live in our community of Glendive and our state of Montana where we still have the opportunities to succeed and enjoy life.

Patrick Prescott