2021 is going to be anything but peaceful

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Dear Editor,

I’m responding to Avis Anderson’s “From Where I Sit” article of 12/17/20 where she states that we need to rebuild our country after this terrible year we all went through. I agree with all of her opinions except where she asserts that “we have to lay aside political differences” in the coming year. The “75 million plus” Trump voters, including me, are not going to lay aside any of our differences with the leftist progressives/ liberals who stole the presidential election! Our Constitution was flagrantly violated in Pennsylvania, probably elsewhere, and state legislatures failed to enforce there own election laws in some states. The state courts and the federal Supreme Court refused to take action and the idiot major news media stated that the courts decided the facts when they refused to look at the complaints that were filed. They didn’t decide anything because they never looked at the facts. The courts don’t like elections and they refused to take up the legal filings by finding an excuse to stay out of it. Half of our country believes that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president and don’t be surprised if he is treated by Trump voters in the same way that the left treated Donald Trump in 2016. Remember, they were planning their “impeachment” strategy even before Trump moved into the White House. Big Tech, the Democrat Party, and the hateful news media all “ganged up” on Trump w/ lies, suppressed news stories, false “fact checking” analysis, and voter “suppression” falsehoods while using the COVID pandemic, domestic terrorism and rioting, the Black Life’s Matter and Antifa groups as cover for the work they were doing with the state election rules. Also, have you noticed that when the “right” protests we use the legal courts but when the “left” protests they burn down cities. Yes, it’s amazing so “hold on to your hats” this coming year because it’s going to be anything but peaceful no matter how things turn out.

Patrick Prescott