Acts of defiance reprehensible

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Dear Editor:

Obamacare gave us the option of chosing our own healthcare. It is not up to the government or state to tell me how to take care of my life, they are not my personal physician nor health care provider. Explain how my wearing a mask or taking the VAX will protect you. The mask is designed to cover and protect the user, and it’s beyond insulting for you to insinuate because I’m not wearing one I am putting you in danger. If I’ve had the virus, recovered and have natural immunity how is taking 1-3 shots going to protect you or me?

Bagram airbase is situated atop a mountain in the northern most part of Afghanistan. It is strategically located on the border of Russia, China and Iran. From this vantage point there is a panoramic view of all four countries, and any military or terrorist activity can be readily noticed and an attack can be readied if necessary.

Whomever gave the order to leave the airbase in the middle of the night without notifying the officer in command or our allies should be arrested and charged with treason and sentenced according to the Constitution. I believe Obama/Biden/Hillary and Susan Rice have their fingerprints all over this breach of integrity and disreguard of human life. This along with the abandonment of billions in equipment and technology that has fallen into the hands of terrorists should be reason enough to call them in for questioning. These acts of defiance are reprehensible. The Americans and Afghan interpreters left behind not only have the task of staying alive but also are placed in the path of terrorist groups fighting for control of the country. Someone needs to pay for this blatant disreguard for human life.


Marian Keller