American Families Plan benefits us

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Dear Editor:

I’ve been impressed, and surprised frankly, that congress is considering passing a bill that would help Americans – rural and urban in several ways.

It’s called the American Families Plan and is part of a bill called Build Back Better. It would expand Medicare to include vision and dental (yay!), make home health care cheaper and easier to get. As a senior myself, I see this as a huge benefit. The bill does many other positive things for families that includes making child care easier and cheaper to get.

You hear so much negativity in the news and social media all the time but this is something very positive. There is a plan to pay for it that relies on making the very wealthy (does Jeff Bezos come to mind – the billionaire who owns Amazon who pays no taxes) pay their fair share. It would also be an economic driver because it would increase the jobs in health care and child care.

I want to thank President Biden and the members of congress who are working to pass this bill. They are trying to do something instead of just giving lip service to these ideas when it comes to time to look for votes. I urge our members of Congress to support this American Families Plan.

Deborah Hanson

Miles City