Americans have been robbed of freedoms

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Dear Editor:

The 3-14-21 Ranger Review letter written by a former DCHD employee was an interesting one. The only thing her public announcement accomplished regarding her departure was more fuel on the fire of division.

This individual did a real disservice to her former coworkers at the DCHD, simply because she decided to publicly throw a fit. People quit their jobs all the time; she’s fortunate that she had the option to do so. There’s hundreds of thousands of other folks nationwide who didn’t have that luxury since the onset of the virus.

Her opening sentence said it all, “The year has been frustrating, tiring and disheartening for public health.” You don’t say? Selfishness at its finest. Imagine how it’s been for business owners and employees who didn’t have the luxury of a guaranteed paycheck.

Since this virus knocked us off our feet last year, the amount of contradictions, hypocrisy (“the rules apply to thee and not to me” mentality), selection of winners and losers (businesses and children’s education)—it’s of no wonder to me why Fauci, health boards, former governors, DPHHS, and the CDC have lost all their credibility. Yet those marching orders are followed dutifully, without question or hesitation. There are infinite examples of the lunacy. Packing an airliner full of passengers—meanwhile canceling indoor/outdoor venues, contact tracing, rioting vs. worship, essential vs. non-essential, 75% capacity vs. 100%, and so on down the line.

The pick and choose over who does what, where, when, why, and how is a direct insult to everyone’s intelligence.

No one can argue the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions must take extra precautions in the name of their own selfpreservation. We all have a personal involvement with this nightmare, some lesser, and some far greater. Conversely, life doesn’t stop for a virus. Quoting the last sentence in the 3-14-21 letter, “On my way out the door, at least I know I’ve done everything I can to attempt to protect the people.” Here’s a Wake-Up Call: As a grown responsible adult, I am in charge of my own personal safety—NOT the Dawson County Health Department.

For over a year now, we have been living under soft tyranny. When government lives and breathes by their playbooks, it makes it difficult, if not impossible for the rest of us living in reality—marvelously proven by the 3-14-21 writer. Americans have been robbed of our freedoms and individual liberty. We have been discriminated and in some cases, punished simply because—as the months went by—we began discounting and ignoring the conventional wisdom based on nothing more than fear, control, ego, and stupidity, hence the new one: Fauci’s Double-Masking.

Craig Stebbins

Glendive MT