Americans should be horrified

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Dear Editor:

In past days we have been subjected to a sanctimonious display of bitterness and revenge, executed by the DNC and Speaker Pelosi, and aimed solely at the american people. Pelosi’s antics and disruption of the State of the Union address was an unconscionable and childish act of defiance. Distruction of historical documents dishonors us all and those who have fought and died to keep this country free, and should be punished accordingly.

Many Senators have called for Pelosi’s resignation, however, as third in line to the presidency, we may face a far greater fate with her gone. Should a radical Socialist newcomer be appointed to her seat, they may by default, end up in the Oval Office. Censure seems a batter option.

Look for Democrats to ignore acquittal and pursue impeachment. Democrats never forgive or forget, and seldom move on. I guarantee new charges will be filed in the not too distant future.

As americans we should be horrified and outraged at what is happening to our country. Lack of decorum has run rampant in society. Respect should be earned, not freely given to those who cheat, lie and harbor resentment. We should demand truth and honesty in all things. Respect should never be awarded to those who set out to destroy anyone who has accomplished what they themselves have failed to do.


Marian Keller