Avis Anderson’s article “The Sins of the Past are Part of Our History” is wrong!

No debt of sin for other’s actions
Thursday, August 29, 2019

Dear Editor:

Avis Anderson’s article “The Sins of the Past are Part of Our History” is wrong!

I believe that men shall be punished for their own sins and not for Adam’s Transgression. It is an absurd stretch to compare genetics to a moral responsibility for events which occured in the past.

Avis wants to assign guilt, then responsibility, and finally hand down sanctions, which I have to assume is what she meant by “making amends”. The sanctions she proposes probably include taxes that will further enslave our own genetic posterity. Then who will make reparations to our posterity for sins Avis would have us commit today?

Europeans are no more interlopers on the American Continent than any other group, all of which at some point migrated from another continent. Any “native’ group that was here when the Europeans arrived had usurped territory from another “more native” group. The real definition of history attests to that, so lets not redefine history with vague ideology-serving definitions. Lets not try to guilt ourselves into legislative reparations which burden our children with insurmountable debt-incurring laws, a contract which would perpetuate certain financial bondage to future generations, to whom our true and only obligation lies.

We have no debt of sin for actions taken by those to whom we may or may not be linked biologically or as Avis insinuates as something as banal as skin color and migratory continental origin. We have a great moral responsibility to ensure our genetic posterity has an environment in which they are free to make choices of will not force. We have a duty to not favor a group with laws and tax benefits which will perpetuate financial or other enslavement to future generations. These laws serve not those for whom they were allegedly enacted, but the politically connected elite.

History is not, as she put it, “…the continuing attempt to make life better for those suffering…”. Her definition is a fine example of virtuesignaling: forcing others to pay a debt they don’t owe so she can show the world how caring she is. History is the study of past events, especially relating to human affairs. Her definition is a tired platitude, jumbled words used too often to be of interest or even thoughtful.

Instead of taking the easy route of forced government plunder (ie mob-rule enacted laws), I would ask Avis to give up her own personal “commandeered territory”, aside from any legislation, and sign over the deed to her home and property. THEN, she will deserve the moral high-ground from which she postures.

Lets move on and quit trying to place blame on individuals or groups which are not party to past crimes. Enough of the absurd!

Luke Gambee