Be part of the solution in helping local schools

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Dear Editor,

I read with interest Mr. Fitch’s concerns about the ranking of the Glendive Public Schools in US News and World Today. I once had a boss that said if you come to me with a criticism, then you must come to me with solutions. What can we do to help our schools in Glendive and Eastern Montana?

Prior to Covid 19, I volunteered in a classroom. It was a real eyeopener. I saw firsthand faculty and staff having to overcome many obstacles while providing a quality education for all its students. A great school must serve ALL its students well and not just a select few college bound students. Mr. Fitch and others, please consider volunteering in our schools, attending school board meetings, or being a substitute teacher or bus driver. By being part of the solution rather than the problem, we can do our part to make our schools excellent.

Much of the funding, educational programs, and teacher recruitment for local schools will be determined by the 2021 Montana State Legislature. There will be many good and not so good education bills introduced in this session. Stay informed and let our two legislators, Bob Phalen (406) 939-1187 and Steve Hinebauch (406) 989-1372, know that our kids in Eastern Montana deserve a quality education and as our legislators, we expect you Representative Phalen and Senator Hinebauch, to do everything possible to make this happen.

Finally, demographics such as race, gender, employment status, family composition, geographical location, and job availability are an integral part of education. After doing further research, I am not sure this report considered some of these factors when ranking schools.

I am reminded of the African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child. Let us be the village that works to provide excellence in education for our children in Glendive Montana. Excellence in education is a direct result of our investment in the education of our children.

Sue Peterson