Believe in Glendive: Vote yes

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Believe in Glendive: Vote yes

Dear Editor:


Believe in definition is – “to have faith or confidence in the existence of (something).”

Over the past couple weeks I have watched the positive phrase of “We Believe in Glendive” turn into a negative slogan that implies “if you believe in our community then you should NOT vote for the School Bond.”

This same group of people can only find time to talk about businesses shutting their doors, not having anywhere to shop, people leaving town faster than they are coming in, having no good physicians at our local hospital, our city doing a poor job, landlords raising rent exponentially and restaurants raising prices. I have a much more positive outlook on the town where I grew up so I read all these negative comments about my community and think to myself; my gosh, if this is the perception, then what is possibly left for these people to believe in?!

Kate Eslick, owner of Sugarplum Jewelry, came up with the positive slogan “We Believe in Glendive” as a way to ENCOURAGE businesses and our community to GROW. She stated that the goal of this phrase was to inspire others to be good stewards of the community.

Here is the thing, BELIEF REQUIRES INVESTMENT. And it means being POSITIVE about the present and OPTIMISTIC about the future!

Believing can sometimes be scary, and it requires a lot of faith. Passing a $55 million bond can be a little scary too, but if we aren’t investing in our schools and our kids do we really believe in anything?!

That is the beautiful thing about believing, it is not fueled by fear or avoidance, and all it needs is a chance. So here we are Glendive – we are at a crossroads and we have been given a chance to BELIEVE in our school district, our administration and our children…something that is much bigger than ourselves! We can live a life where negative emotions and fear leads the way or we can BELIEVE that investing in the kids (our future) will make Glendive flourish! It is time we take the leap of faith and truly BELIEVE IN GLENDIVE by saying YES to the School Bonds.

Kayla Rivas