Betrayal of Ukraine

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Between 1932-1934 Ukraine suffered the worst famine to hit the country. They lost 7-10 million people, a crisis they hoped to never suffer again.

After the complete collapse of Russia in the early 1990’s, Ukraine found it’self the third largest nuclear power in the world.

The betrayal of Ukraine came in 1994 during the Clinton administration, when they were coerced into signing the global Non-Proliferation Treaty giving up their nuclear status. In exchange, Russia, Northern Ireland, The UK and US would agree to refrain from attacking and using force or threats against Ukraine’s territorial lands and political independance. A mistake Ukraine surely regrets.

The current war in Europe has caused fear that arms control of Ukraine could become nuclear disarmament, giving rise to hostile nations to ramp up their own nuclear programs, as we see in Iran and North Korea.

The signing of this treaty has left Ukraine vulnerable to attack, thus the US has culpability in the war. The Biden administrations refusal to send aid to Ukraine is incomprehensible. The question to ask is why? Could the virtual meeting and phone call between Putin and Biden, that we the people were not privy, be a factor in Russia breaking the treaty?

There is a big problem when the leader of the country makes irrational threats that his staff has to amend. This is what the 25th amendment was meant for. To remove a sitting President who is no longer to effective lead the country. I believe it’s time.


Marian Keller