Biden will merely be a court jester

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Dear Editor:

Back in the 1990’s there was a movement to allow ‘nonconsequential’ behavior to our children, i.e. if it feels good, do it. This misguided notion gave us an entire generation of adults who show no empathy, no remorse, have no ability to police their behavior and no respect for authority. This is the mob pulling down historic monuments, burning businesses and taking over cities. These are the betrayers calling for defunding and disbanding of law enforcement, and they wish us to believe it will make us safer. Tell that to the women, children, elderly and minorities who will suffer most from this insanity. The Democrats and left support this noxious blight on society and damn anyone who dares to object.

Joe Biden wants to ‘transform’ this country. What he means is he wants to destroy all our founding Fathers granted and replace it with a Socialist/Communist government, ruled by elite demagogues who will dictate law and order. A one party system where common citizens will have no choice but to obey. This diagram for destruction is Hillary Clinton’s dream. Biden will be nothing but a wooden puppet whose strings are pulled by Pelosi, Schumer and the young progressives who control the Democratic Party. Biden will merely be the entertainment, a Court Jester who relishes the role of fool.

Remember, when asked her opinion after the failed impeachment Nancy Pelosi sneered, “He doesn’t know what we have in store for him next.” Open your eyes, your future is at hand. What we are not suffering will become the norm, and it will go on forever.


Marian Keller