Blaming guns not the answer

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Blaming guns not the answer

Dear Editor:

I’m responding to the opinion page article, on August 11th in the Ranger Review, written by Pastor Carol Rhan. She’s right about moral injury being real but I believe she’s putting the “cart before the horse” in her article. First of all, here we go again with blaming a symptom (guns) instead of the source (societal decay). Gun violence doesn’t cause a moral injury to our nation…..the decaying societal conditions brought on by the drug addiction epidemic, fatherless homes, police forces under siege, God being removed from our public schools and driven out of public view, and the diminishing value of human life brought on by the enormous numbers of abortions being performed is what I feel causes this violence and it is a learned behavior, generational, and endemic. Why do you think “spousal abuse” is called a social disease? It’s because kids watch their parents fighting, while growing up, and then copy the behavior. We also need to change the mental health structure in this country so the “crazies” can be committed as they once were. There’s a recent public poll that showed about 30% of “millennials” have no real friends and that they live on “social media” websites so no wonder some feel they lead a meaningless life and want attention. How are we dealing with this? The people who quickly point their finger at an easy target like the NRA and try to punish law abiding citizens with even more restrictive gun laws are not dealing honestly with the real problems. Remember, criminals don’t follow laws and all the back ground checks, now on the books, would not have stopped these two killers. These “nuts” don’t need guns to cause horrible damage…. remember the Oklahoma City and Boston Marathon bombings?

Patrick Prescott