BNSF needs to maintain pedestrian underpass

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, August 28, 2022

Please, take time and walk through the BNSF pedestrian underpass.

The students of Glendive deserve support from the community to help convince BNSF to properly maintain the pedestrian underpass for the safety of those children to and from school or religious studies. My 4 decade experience working at BNSF leaves me with the thought that BNSF is treating the new Mayor with contempt. She has been trying since April for BNSF underpass maintenance. I personally know 2 young girls that walked that underpass on wednesday evenings, to church functions, with the underpass in the similar condition it is now, as well as a small person who walked with her daughter through the underpass multiple times daily. Lighting is most important though it would illuminate the names and phone #’s included in the graffiti.

Wade Stanton

Mandan, ND