Bond will result in empty stores, reposessed homes

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Bond will result in empty stores, reposessed homes

Dear Editor,

I came to Glendive in the spring of 1979. The town was thriving with business , no vacant buildings to be found. Glendive was properous because the community was business friendly, drawing Industry, manufacturing and numerous small business. Single people and families came here because jobs were plentiful creating more tax revenue. Some people starting their own business.

The residents that were raised in Glendive work hard, taking care of their homes and schools showing outsiders they were proud of their town.

People retiring wanted to stay, thus boosting the economy. On average I spend about $25,000 dollars a year in Glendive on bank loans, utilities, gas, groceries, taxes, etc. Retired people are not an asset communities can afford to lose. Case in point is Lewistown, Mt. Retired people play a big role in their economy.

Now, the people moving here use Glendive as a stepping stone, improve their resume and move on leaving behind a community laden with taxes higher than most counties in the State all in the name of special interest.

These special interest groups want community centers, more parks, new schools or a state of art sewer system most cities can’t afford.

Special interest groups in Glendive want a new school and enough Revenue to remodel older schools, all total only $55,000,000 dollars not including interest. I think we should improve the schools we have now. Schreibeis has examples of what residents would pay in taxes. One example is a $100,000 home would cost the homeowner $305.08 a yr or average out to $25.42 a month. My tax would be double that amount on top of the $3,100 dollar tax I pay now.

Close to $4,000 dollars a year if these school bonds pass. If these bonds pass everyone will have to deal with this burden.

Price on commoditees will go up, Glendive will lose more retirees, residents will pass this tax onto their children for the next 20 yrs. making life unaffordable to live here.

This will be Glendive’s legacy and the future all because of a unnecessary desire. If voters want to see more vacant buildings and repossesed homes in Glendive, just vote yes.


Tom Wynne