Brennan Park will likely see upgrades this summer

Brendan Heidner Ranger-review Staff Writer
Thursday, April 28, 2022
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Brennan Park, located on the corner of East Brennan Street and North Taylor Avenue near the city’s landfill, may get some attention this year with some upgrades and ADA accessible playground equipment. Brendan Heidner photo

As the Glendive Public Works Department puts together its budget for the upcoming fiscal year, one small park could see some improved curb appeal by the end of this summer.

Public Works Director Frank Ceane manages 37 acres of land between a total of 14 different parks in the City of Glendive.

“We go around and look at the parks and (see) what parks need upgrades, what parks are needing work and what we can afford to do,” Ceane said.

The overall parks budget for fiscal year 2022 ending on June 30 of this year was $186,530 which includes costs for park damage, maintenance, watering, mowing, supplies and various other expenses.

Ceane said the cost for watering the parks – one of the larger expenditures in the parks budget – throughout the year was approximately $28,000 over the last couple of years.

Glendive Public Works is anticipating a similar budget for the upcoming fiscal year 2023, he added.

“We have to kind of wait and see where the budget is going to fall just cost-wise and what funds are available to do (projects),” he said, noting he would like to focus on updating Brennan Park near the City of Glendive landfill in the upcoming fiscal year which will begin on July 1 of this year.

“That’s kind of where I want to go next and it’s definitely an upgrade we need,” Ceane said. “There are a lot of kids over in (that) neighborhood and (Brennan Park) gets used even in the condition that it’s in, so we definitely need to do something about it.”

After taking out an old wading pool at Brennan Park last year, Ceane said there is quite a bit of room to change and add different elements to the park.

Moreover, he is looking to outfit Brennan Park with a resurfaced half-court basketball court and an ADA accessible playground, an amenity not currently available in any of Glendive’s parks.

“That’s not a park we have in town and I think we need that, we should have that and I think (Brennan Park) would be a decent place for it,” Ceane said.

While interested in updating Brennan Park, the cost of playground equipment does not make budgeting simple as it is expensive.

According to Ceane, a standard public playground set would cost approximately $30,000 at a minimum. To purchase an ADA accessible playground set costs double the price of a standard set at approximately $60,000.

“That’s hard, but I feel like it’s something that (the community) needs,” Ceane said, noting there are also grants available to assist ≠projects like that. “We can only do as much as our budget allows. Parks are expensive, but it’s a good thing (and) they do get used.”

In addition to the cost of maintaining and updating parks, he noted he is always looking for summertime help in the Public Works Department to assist in the general upkeep of the city’s parks.

For more information about applying for summer positions with Glendive Public Works, contact Ceane at (406) 377-3318 ext. 15 or

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