Can’t imagine a town without a public library

Monday, May 18, 2020

Can’t imagine a town without a public library

Dear Editor:

I can’t imagine living in a community that does not have a library, but that would happen in Glendive if the current mill levy request is not approved by Dawson County voters.

Libraries have played a major role in all stages of my life. I remember visiting the library in my home town of Libby as a very young child and I have vivid memories of my mother reading us The Wizard of Oz books she got there. I remember my pre-teen phase of reading horse novels like the Black Stallion series and many, many other books through my school years. Libby didn’t have a bookstore; we got books from the library. I practically lived in a library during my college years – reading, studying, and hanging out in such an inviting place.

When my own children were born, Glendive Public Library visits became an important part of life. I remember how excited my girls were when they could come home with a stack of new (to them) books to read! My grandchildren loved attending some summer reading program events when they were visiting Glendive.

I’m not a child or a student anymore and my children are grown, but I still use library services routinely and frequently. I still check out books, but I also utilize the library’s access to ebooks. And if I can’t find a book I want, I ask for interlibrary loans. I check out videos to watch and audiobooks to listen to on our long car trips. I also use the library’s historical files to research topics of local history and I do research on everything from recipes to current news topics. I enjoy Lunch ‘n’ Learns and other programming. I especially appreciate the friendly and helpful service given by the library staff.

What does all this cost me? It costs me nothing except a tiny bit of my taxes. Now there is a mill levy request of 11 mills to provide the funds to support the library into future years. This is only a slight increase over the current funding formula. My tax bill for this levy will still be less than the cost of one book. I’m more than happy to pay that, not only for what I use, but also for the services and materials all ages receive. Without this levy, the Glendive Public Library will have to close on June 30, 2020. I can’t imagine living in this community without a library.

Writer Anne Herbert once said, “Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries.” She’s got that right. Please vote FOR the library levy!

Andrine Haas