China has and always will be our worst enemy, not Russia

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Dear Editor,

Joe Biden has changed his tune as often as a high school glee club. He stands for nothing, and sways to the Democratic Socialist wind like a dishrag. All the more reason he will never run the country, they will.

Nancy Pelosi got caught with her mask down. Mere days ago she berated Trump for his audacity, calling him an enemy of the State, among other things. Now she blames him and the shop owner, knowing full well, she made the appointment in violation of pandemic guide lines. Pelosi, who sports a large array of masks that she wears around her neck like a medal of honor, apparently couldn’t find one to go with her salon robe and blowout.

Medical experts and scientists have failed to adequately explain Covid-19. We have been like to since day one. Dr. Fauci has done nothing but instill fear, panic, isolate and divide us by pitting us against each other, and lie.

Past viruses have run their course, left immunity, ended in due time and allowed vaccine. Covid-19 goes on and on with no end in sight, comes in waves, reinfects at random after recovery and allows no immunity. If not manipulated, then what is the answer?

Expert scientific data suggests there is no 100% positive proof a specific virus has been tampered with.

I believe Covid-19 was altered in the Wuhan lab by the Communist Chinese military to use as germ warfare, intentionally let loose to test for effect and used as retaliation against the Trump administration for sanctions imposed. It seems odd it only appeared after the failed impeachment hearings.

China has and always will be our worst enemy, not Russia.

China has infiltrated our government, spied on us, stolen our technology, controlled our economy and undercut our military, and will continue to do so.

The future of this country lies in our hands. If we error on the side of threats, intimidation and fear, we lose everything. This is a crucial election, and every vote counts. Use yours wisely.

Sincerely, Marian Keller Glendive