China has a role in the pandemic

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Dear Editor,

I believe the virus and pandemic are real, albeit manmade. Its odd the virus targeted mainly the elderly, until I realized, we are no longer productive, we generate no revenue, we only take.

The radical left has complained for years our main world issue is over population. Our census is out of whack, with more elderly than newborns, therefore we are doomed to extinction.

The fall of 2019 then DOJ Director James Comey warned Congress of impending pandemic. The chinese were altering viruses to make them more deadly. The information fell on deaf ears, and the government opted to sit on it rather than release it to the public.

By March 2020 we had a full blown epidemic which hit with a vengence. Odd that it appeared after the failed impeachment and shortly before the election. Nancy Pelosi’s “Quiver of Arrows” was already at work.

Dr Fauci, director of NIH became our spokesman, and delighted in the title. During his leadership the NIH funded the Wuhan lab and a lab in the US harvesting aborted fetus tissue for supposed medical research. When called to appear before the Senate on the funding, Fauci denied ever giving money to the Chinese and the Science research lab, but when asked if he knew if the money was going for Gain-OF-Function research, he confessed to knowing it didn’t because, “Chinese Scientists don’t lie ” Whereas Republican Senator John Kennedy replied, “ My Mother didn’t raise no fool. If she did, it was one of my brothers.”

Fauci, WHO, CDC and Scientists advocated social distancing, quarantine, masks and lockdowns, and for two years we have obeyed. Now we find that the Blue/white generic masks are made in a Chinese Pharmaceutical Company, and the Communist Chinese are keeping a DNA database on recovery and shots given, and bragging on the world stage they defeated the US with bio-warfare. Perhaps our next pandemic will target your DNA.


Marian Keller