Christians are not the enemy

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Christians are not the enemy

Dear Editor:

May I comment on the Guest Column by Marty Essen.

Mr. Essen, Christians are not your enemy, your irrational hatred and fear of God is.

I find it curious non-Christians quote the Bible for justification for lies and misinformation. Even the Devil could quote Scripture for his own reward.

The Old Testament Book of Numbers, where God speaks of the evil of people sacrificing children to the idol, Moloch, does not ignore or condone the evil practice. God merely says it didn’t enter his mind they would commit such an act. The Ten Commandments are proof he does not condone the killing of unborn or newly born babies by any means or for any reason.

In his reference to the word, “miscarry” as justification for his claims Republicans minipulate Christians for votes, he is ignorant of the facts. Any woman who has suffered a miscarriage wil tell you, it is a tragic and disheartening accident of nature, not a deliberate decision to rid yourself of an unwanted child by surgical or chemical means.

Hatred, name calling and blame are the tools of the extreme left and liberals to instill hatred and sway public opinion, but it will never change what is true.

Republicans and the NRA are not responsible for mass shootings, and neither are guns. It is the continuous daily diet of violence and hate for all things good by those who desire to destroy us. If an enemy can brainwash prisoners, why is it not possible to brainwash and goad an emotionally or mentally fragile mind into retaliation and revenge?

As an advocate for global warming and all things evil and permissive, it’s clear, Mr. Essen sides with those who only want your tax money for nothing and your vote for free to gain back power to destroy this country.


Marion Keller