CI-121 is bad for the future

Sunday, April 24, 2022

CI-121 has been in the news a lot lately, whether to sign the petition or not. Putting tax law in the constitution is not the way to make tax law, it should be done by the legislature. We need to have legislators do their job and not pass the buck all the time. Putting tax language in the constitution is a bad idea. It will create problems down the road for future generations that will find it nearly impossible to change.

CI-121 will shift the tax burden from homeowners to farmers and ranchers and main street businesses. A homeowner’s taxes might go down, but they will pay higher prices at the store because the business owner will add the cost of higher taxes to everything they sell. New home owners will see their taxes go up because their taxes are based on the selling price of their home. The same for seniors who want to down size their homes.

Out of state home owners will benefit from lower taxes, but everybody who lives in Montana will feel the pinch, either at the store or on agricultural land. It’s our small businesses and farmers and ranchers who keep Montana’s economy going.

If you want to see your taxes stabilize or go down, elect local leaders who don’t keep raising taxes through bond elections or special levies. That includes school boards, and city and county officials.

Bernard Evans