Citizens deserve better

Thursday, September 22, 2022

I have been following the Glendive City Council meeting articles in the Ranger Review for several months now.

It appears from what I read the Council struggles with municipal and state law and what the law allows.

After reading the article in the September 11 issue of the Ranger Review, it is most concerning that a council member would publicly defame the character of the potential employee Jay Harrison.

I worked many years in management and there are strict guidelines for employers and what questions can be asked and comments made during the hiringprocess.

I would encourage the council to meet with Human Resources or their legal team to review correct legal and hiring practices.

I spent many enjoyable days in Glendive visiting family, attending football games, graduations, weddings and visiting with the fine people in Glendive.

Glendive is a lovely town with wonderful citizens and in my opinion deserves better from their city council.

Linda Kimball

Aberdeen, S.D.