City shouldn’t spend money on rail line

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Dear Editor,

I find it interesting that the city of Glendive would consider spending perhaps a couple of million dollars for a walking and biking path. I believe this would be a foolish expenditure of money for a few reasons. First, the pedestrian underpass gets vandalized often. fill it with dirt and quit wasting money on it. The Barry Street underpass is two blocks away, and is lit and maintained regularly.

If the city buys the Clough street property, it will have to be landscaped, and have sidewalk poured, because people dont like to walk on dirt, mud or weeds if they dont have to. Is this included in the cost? Most of the corners of downtown have been made handicapped accessable, why add more sidewalk to maintain?

This possible expenditure would be spent for more pressing needs elsewhere. Such as the looming demolition of the Jordan hotel building. It is collapsing into itself everyday, and I do not believe the owner will spend one more cent on it. This itself will be a great expense ot cover.

Pay for needs before wants. Our shrinking tax base cant afford both!


George Kolling