Clean Energy transition not needed

Thursday, April 21, 2022

I read in the last issue how “We want a clean energy transition.” Myself and most people I know don’t want this. We’re fine the way things are. We have only studies funded by entities positioned to profit from this transition to base our opinion on. What academia study to disprove manmade change has ever been funded? Only “Dark Money” would fund such a thing.

What predictions made 10, 20, 30 years ago have come true? It’s “trust the settled science” argument all over again. Climate version of 14 days to flatten the global temperature.

​Another discontinuity in logic is the premise that “Putin’s war” has shown we need to transition. Quite the contrary. It has shown the failure in Germany’s green energy policy. Follow the money. If Putin is the boogeyman, (very well could be), maybe see how much money he has funneled to anti fracking “green” NGO’s that influence energy policy. Globally holding US, Canada, and Europe to one standard, hamstringing energy production. Meanwhile, OPEC+ supplies the world on a separate standard giving them advantage. Same playbook as coal and China. Due to “global climate change”, regulate the coal industry out of business here. Meanwhile, China is building coal power plants as fast as they can. Nary a peep from the same expert pseudoscientists that just bought a beach house that should be underwater if he were to be believed 20 years ago.

Trust the scientist/politician that has zero consequence for failed policy. Socialized cost (inflation), privatized profit (carbon credits), is the name of this game.

You can’t hardly debate it anymore either. The conversation goes as such: “I want an electric car to save the environment, it’s so green!”

“That electricity was created with gas and coal, the magnitudes of energy from renewables isn’t even close to replacing it and won’t be anytime soon.” Is the reply.

“Coal, oil and gas hurts the environment. That’s why we all need electric cars now!”

“Brondo has what plants crave” … Actually plants crave CO2, but the taxpayer is funding programs to pump that into the grounds. I also question global warming being bad. If warming is bad, then cooling must be good. But historically cooling is what has been devastating. Failed crops, revolutions, mass extinction. Research the Younger Dryas period of N. America. What is the perfect temperature for the globe? Is zero change the goal? We really have the hubris to think any of this is attainable and still maintain quality of life? Is caves and grass huts the cost we plebs will pay for global climate control? The government can’t control the climate, that’s a conspiracy theory! If “we transition”… then they can.


Michael Ziegler