Climate Change and green energy is a hoax

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Dear Editor,

The letter, carbon pricing is fair and effective. Really?

I could not disagree more with the proposed policy, or should I say new taxation. Ms. Amonette sites solar energy is costprohibitive for most folks. The way the biden administration has approached the economy and natural resources is causing runaway inflation and that drives all commodities through the roof. Not to mention America bowing to OPEC begging for oil. Montana suffered a severe economic blow when biden cancelled the XL Pipeline. At current prices over the pipeline’s 50 year life, it would have brought $600 million school equalization to our state, split between all schools. Plus $60 million of new property taxes. It would also provide a new revenue stream for your local counties. It would reduce emissions between 25% and 40% over other forms of transportation. It would lower the transportation cost by $10 per barrel for balken crude oil.

Ms. Amonette states to keep solar energy affordable she must heavily tax natural resources. In other words government must take from one group of citizens to give to another group of citizens. That is wrong.

Colstrip is an example of good intentions going wrong. Each time a coal train with Montana coal goes through Glendive that represented $30,000 of revenue to the State of Montana. Not counting jobs and prosperity to local and regional economies. Check the availability of solar energy when it is 20 below zero. Coal is steady, reliable, cost effective and very available on cold winter nights in Montana. Northwest Energy is forecasting within 5 years their customer have a 25% chance of rolling blackout. How would that look on a 40 below zero night in Eastern Montana?

Go to Google and look up the cost of decommissioning a wind turban, after a twenty year life span. The Wall Street Journal, August 2019 ran an article by Mark P. Mills. The headline reads, “If You Want Renewable Energy, Get Ready To Dig”.

Climate Change and green energy is a hoax. In the 1970’s government and the nightly news said a new ice age is approaching. They said we only had 10 years to act. In the 1990’s government and the nightly news said the planet has a fever and in 20 years the oceans would rise 20 to 40 feet if we didn’t act immediately. Remember OLD Al Gore and his Inconvenient truth? Now we must act because of climate change. Representative Cortez says we have only 18 months or 8 to 10 years before all life on earth will end. All of this is fearmongering to control you.

There is but one true and living God, and He alone controls the temperature.

God bless

Dennis Teske

Terry, Mont.