College students are a gift

Thursday, September 22, 2022

I would like to remind our community what a gift it is to have Dawson Community College in our midst. On Sept. 10, I ran a marathon (26.2 miles) to raise money for the Salvation Army, Zion Lutheran’s Loaves and Fishes ministry and the Dawson County Food Bank. I chatted with Alex Wolff, DCC’s cross country coach, asking if any of her Cross Country athletes might wish to run a portion of this with me. This was the day after a meet for them, and I knew they would be taking this day as a relaxing day of exercise. I also knew that it would be very tedious to do this run alone, but with company, it might be better.

Alex and her team met me shortly after 7 am and they ran with me, 2 at a time, for 20 miles! That means they spent over 4 hours on a Saturday morning running with me and I was the one running to raise money! They kept me company and entertained me with stories of the life of a college student in Glendive. They encouraged me when I got tired toward the end.

It is a joy to attend sports events, concerts, plays, art displays and other events at the college. I usually envision what I do in regards to the college to support the students. What I had forgotten was just how much young adults enrich the lives of others. I encourage you to invest time in DCC, not just to encourage students (who probably do need to be encouraged once in a while) but to also remember that the energy they add to our community also enriches us.

Thanks Dawson Community College’s Cross Country Team!!! You Rock!

Pastor Brenda Frelsi