Roger Koopman

Author’s Note: As a gesture of respect for Rep. Zephyr’s wishes, I use the female gender pronouns throughout this article, even though it is contrary to my personal belief that humans are created male and female by a sovereign God — with that specific chromosomal DNA — and cannot themselves truly “transition” to the opposite sex or gender. God doesn’t make mistakes.

During the 2007 legislative session, I sponsored legislation to allow alternate certification of teachers by local school districts on a one-year trial basis. It drew the ire of the teachers’ union, whose members, an angry, rowdy bunch, packed the House gallery on February tenth. The presiding chairman simply issued them a warning — and then a second warning — that their disruption of House business would not be tolerated. When the teachers continued to misbehave, Chairman Himmelberger stated, “Will the sergeant-at-arms please clear the gallery.”

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Roger Koopman of Bozeman, a four-decade small businessman, served two terms in the Montana House of Representatives and two terms on the Montana Public Service Commission.